Opportunity to Get the Prizes in Free Fire Game

free fire free diamond
free fire free diamond

One of the best ways to get Prizes in Free Fire Game and rewards . The new version of the Hacker’s Store has already been launched in the Free Fire: Best survival Battle Royale game. It has 6 major awards, and another 6 extra prizes that can be chosen.

Below we review the prizes that appear in this edition of the Hacker Store:


  • Space Soldier Package
  • Aurora Annihilation Package
  • Space Recognition Package
  • Crystal Giants Package
  • Deep Freeze Package
  • Dark Angel Package

Extra Prize

  • M1014 – Eye of Death
  • M4A1 – Artificial Intelligence
  • SCAR – Bloody Moon
  • MP40 – Engineering
  • AK47 – Flaming Red
  • FAMAS – Metallic

The turn price will increase, but you’ve the opportunity to get the jackpot in the first round and you have the prize secured in the final round. The prices for each round are: 9/99/199/299/399/999.

The Hacker Store will be available until February 19 in Free Fire and each prize will be delivered to your account automatically.