How to change your Nickname in Free Fire?

change your Nickname in Free Fire When it comes to an adventure game like Garena free fire it is loaded with a bunch of amazing features. People around the world fall in love with this game for a reason.

Garena free fire has multiple features starting from unique guns to stylish skins. Not only that game also offers players to choose their own hairstyle to the player’s skin color complexion. It’s all can be done by easily you can also get to choose what your character can wear.

Garena Free Fire allows every player to choose a name which is basically very important because a name represents the player throughout the game. As everybody knows the importance of a name in their real-life they also know the importance of the name in the game as well. It all comes because people show interest in not only by playing the game but also showing some personality through their characters as well. That’s the beauty of the game when it offers so much flexibility and fun at the same. That’s the reason people around the world from different countries and different cultures show the same kind of interest in the game.

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free fire nickname
change your Nickname in Free Fire

change your Nickname in Free Fire

As you play through the game sometimes you realize or have a thought of changing the name and get a better and stylish name for free fire. As popular as the game free fire name is very important as you are here not only to showcase your game but also present a personality as well. Free fire name sometimes gets you in a tricky situation as you enter the game for the first time you will ignore your name and get along with a simple name. After you get into the name you realize there are many players having a brilliant idea about presenting free fire name.

Unlike PUBG where you can change your name for free whereas Garena Free Fire name change is not coming for free. You have to spend a certain amount of diamonds to change your free fire name. So if you have by any chance made a spelling mistake in your free fire name then you have to live with it or you are going to pay diamonds to get it fixed.

Here we show you a few tricks to change your free fire nickname. You should follow these steps carefully to get your problem solved quickly.

  • First, open the Garena Free Fire game on your device(mobile/PC) and go to your profile section present at the upper left corner of the main screen.
  • Click on the yellow-colored Notebook icon. A pop-up screen will appear asking you to type a new nickname.
  • After entering the new name, pay the required diamonds to finalize your new free fire nickname.

390 diamonds are required for you to change the name. As much it sounds expensive to you we would also take this opportunity to introduce you to the free Fire mod APK. Garena free fire mod APK is basically a hacked version of the game which involves unlimited diamonds and coins along with free skins and emo and lots of features. Imagine when you have thousands of diamonds and coins in your profiles and you can spend it wherever you want then changing the free fire nickname never remains a problem. Then you can change your name multiple times as you are not going to spend a penny on those diamonds.

change your Nickname in Free Fire and Stylish it

There is a new feature involved in the free fire nickname. Now you can add cool symbols and letters around your free fire name which will make your name stand out even more.

free fire name
change your Nickname in Free Fire

Here in the image above you see a few examples of cool free fire nicknames. Imagine you can have a name like this in a blink of an eye without even spending a single penny. All you have to do is just download and install Garena free fire mod APK on your device and you are going to have a world of free stuff and can enjoy the game to the fullest.