5 Best Places to Land and Kill Enemies in Free Fire free fire diamond hack 2022

free fire diamond hack 2022 Free Fire is particularly popular in Brazil, India and Indonesia. PUBG is also popular but Free Fire can now regularly replace this title from first place in the charts.

For India, the Battle Royale even created its own YouTube account including its own tournament series, the India Championship. The tournaments broadcast there in Indian at least reach around 1 million views. For comparison: The shout casts of the World Series 2019 only reached 175,000 views on the European channel.

Best Places to Kill Enemies in Free Fire
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The other two regions mentioned are also actively promoted by the game. The World Series 2019 took place in Rio de Janeiro and in 2020 the final will be held in Indonesia. It is interesting that the Battle Royale is also offered in China, but is not so successful there. Maybe they couldn’t trick as well as Tencent.

What do German players say? There are also some German reviews about free fire diamond hack 2022 on the Google PlayStore. They criticize the localization and the lack of German players, but praise the basic gameplay:

Best Places to Land and Kill Enemies in Free Fire

  • I think the game is really cool, but I can hardly ever play with people who speak German. Maybe you can make sure that all Germans play together, please.
  • Best shooter, really awesome game my only suggestion for improvement would be the connection to the server because if the ping is high, nothing works.
  • Everything is all well and good, but the German translation is a catastrophe. Otherwise, I would like a little introduction or valuable tips. Still, 4 stars because it’s nice for a smartphone shooter, especially because of the variety of weapons. I would still like more maps.
  • 90 minutes of radically reduced essence and an absurd exaggeration of the gangster film. In the constant hail of bullets, Wheatley takes genre conventions to the extreme and dismantles them at the same time.
  • Even the setting of the film co-produced by Martin Scorsese is bursting with recognition effects: one night in 1978, there was a criminal summit in a warehouse in the Boston harbor area. Here, the busy Justine (Brie Larson, “Room”) brings two parties together to conduct an arms trade.

Overall, Free Fire has an average of 4.4 stars in the Play Store with over 43 million reviews.