Free Fire Introduces its new character Steffie!

The new version of Free Fire is getting closer and in the February update, a new character will come to the game. This is Steffie, a graffiti artist who can stop your enemies’ explosives with her unique ability. It has unique ability that can reduce the damage of explosives and that no one else can use.


As we reported, in the next update the complete map of Kalahari will be added to play in normal mode, but the revelation of this new character can change the way of facing the games by the most experienced players.

As per Free Fire news reports, Steffie’s ability will be “Ink Shelter,” which creates a graffiti that reduces explosive damage by a certain percentage, for 2 seconds.”

In this way, Steffie becomes Alvaro’s counterpart, which increases the damage of explosives with his “Art of Demolishing” ability. Steffie is already in the test client and will be launched in the official client when the February update of Free Fire is done.