Free Fire Gaming Masters Tournament to be hosted by MediaTek and Jio

Free Fire Gaming Masters tournament is said to be hosted by Mediatek and Jio. Further details say it will also be open for Jio and non-Jio users for registration so anyone can join the tournament and can earn the title of 12.5 lakhs. yes, you heard it right the prize money is 12.5 lakhs which can make any professional gamer tempt for a piece.

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How to change your Nickname in Free Fire?

change your Nickname in Free Fire When it comes to an adventure game like Garena free fire it is loaded with a bunch of amazing features. People around the world fall in love with this game for a reason.

Free Fire Elite Pass has announced ‘Specter Squad’ for their season 32

Garena free fire has an announced elite pass for season 32 which is named “Specter Squad”. It was announced on their official Twitter page on 29. The elite pass was available for free fire users to form 29 to 31 for pre-order so that you can avail of Specter Heart grenade skin if you order it before release.

Garena Free Fire for PC is Available Now!

The Garena Free Fire game developer from Singapore. The battle royale-style survival shooter game has recently been released with a new update. Is there any way to download Garena Free Fire for PC?

Garena Announces Free Fire League in Brazil

Garena announced last Friday (24th) the creation of the Brazilian Free Fire League, the most downloaded Battle Royale official league in Brazil. The tournament will be held in São Paulo, in the largest esports broadcast studio in Latin America.

50 Best Garena Free Fire Usernames

Best Garena Free Fire Usernames Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale for iOS and Android. The game was localized in German, but you hardly hear anything about it in this country. It is extremely successful and was the most downloaded game in the world in 2019 on mobile devices.

How to Play Free Fire without Emulator

Play Free Fire without Emulator We are baffled to report the crossing out of Free Fire Champions Cup, because of the advancing worldwide circumstance encompassing COVID-19.