Free Fire Elite Pass has announced ‘Specter Squad’ for their season 32

Garena free fire has an announced elite pass for season 32 which is named “Specter Squad”. It was announced on their official Twitter page on 29. The elite pass was available for free fire users to form 29 to 31 for pre-order so that you can avail of Specter Heart grenade skin if you order it before release.

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Specter Squad poster
Free Fire Elite Pass

Specter Squad Elite Pass was released with the entire backstory so that users can understand all the storylines of characters before they get into it. The story is about two characters named Enid and Hugo which get you through their adventure through the Specter Realm.

Well, this venture is not going to be free as you have to purchase it through diamonds. The Season 32 Elite Pass cost 499 Diamonds. You can also purchase the whole bundle of this venture with 999 Diamonds in your account.

How to Purchas Specter Squad elite pass?

The answer is simple. Just click on the store displaying on the game screen it will show you the specter squad banner now you have to click this banner and it will get you straight to purchasing. Remember whoever has pre-ordered the bundle will also get the extra reward also.  There are few rewards that will open over the course of unlocking some achievements like motorbike skin and female skin.

List of rewards Specter Squad elite pass?

  • Specter Basher Bundle
  • Specter Raider Bundle
  • Motor Bike – Specter Squad
  • Thompson – Specter Squad
  • Ghost Trapper
  • Grenade – Specter Mischief
  • Ghost Gamer Loot Box
  • Specter Squad Surfboard
  • Ghost Basher

So hurry up already because like very other Elite passes this reward will also end on January 31/2021. So don’t miss your chance to avail this awesome game experience.