Free Bingo bash Chips – Free Resource Generator Online

Free Bingo bash Chips – Free Resource Generator Online

Sometimes all you need is a quick game in between work or to get your mind off of things. Bingo Bash is one such Facebook game available on all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OSX) with lots of nice fun features, like its multiplayer mode, trophies on achievements, leveling up experiences and many collections which result in an increase of bingo chips. On top of all that its graphics are easy on the eyes. It has many room-like features to play in to break the monotony and offer you change in the game in environment whenever you feel like it.

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The basic steps for playing the game are:

  • Install and then open bingo bash.
  • Login using Facebook.
  • You will notice some bingo chips; these will later be utilized in getting bingo cards.
  • Some coins will also be available which will be used to purchase game items like certain power.
  • plays and also to play slot games which are only available on the mobile currently.
    Now that you are in the game you will have the option to select the room which you want to play, at first the player will only have Sphinx room, but rooms will unlock as you excel in the game.
  • In your room, select a certain number of cards you want to play using your bingo chips.
  • Once your current game ends, you will be able to automatically join the next game after selecting the number of cards you will be able to play with.
  • You will play bingo in this game like you would in real life, only one addition you have the facility to use power plays to help you win faster.
  • Keep one thing in mind that you have to have bingo before calling it. Otherwise, the card will close, and you will lose your current game.

Get the free chips here

Now I will tell you about features of the game individually:

Bingo Bash Chips:

These are used to buy bingo cards. More chips are added every 20 hours. This daily bonus increases once you gain levels and complete collections.

Other ways to get bingo chips are trading in gems you earn while playing the game. On completing the 12/12 collection items from playing slots, the players will also get the chips.

Following the game on Facebook also helps in this regard as they giveaway chips occasionally. Facebook friends can also give you chips.


Gems are gotten from friends and fill spots on your bingo cards. These are collected regardless of the fact you win the game or not. The gem collection is kept even if you lose. A collection orb can be used to collect items using the orb and the gems.


Coins are kind of like gems when it comes to the fact that these also fill in your bingo cards. These are gained by playing slots which are later discussed. Once you have the coins, you can make several purchases. Such as Collection items, Charms, Daubers and Powerplays (3 for 750 coins, 9 for 1500 and 15 for 2500).

Collection Items:

There are a total of 12 items, when you get all 12 you get additional Bingo Chips or in some cases an enormous chip payout. Most of the times rooms based on your position give a daily bonus. There are two ways to get collection items; one is by asking your friends and second is by getting a bingo card that says collection card on it.

Power plays:

These give you an extra benefit while you play. Power plays apply to every card that you have in your game. You get power plays by several ways, some of these are buying those using coins, gem trading, and mini games or spinning your daily wheel, they come in several ways:

  • Free Cell
  • Gem Cell
  • Money Cell
  • Chip Cell
  • Instant Bingo
  • Money Bonanza

VIP Status:

Bingo Bash has a special way of honoring those who continue to play the game for a long period of time, and this honor is VIP status. If you play the game daily and send presents to friends, you will reach this VIP status quicker. The game monitors a seven day period to determine your status. There is no particular way of knowing how to attain it. This status gives you perks like a nice little banner with your name that says “VIP” the best part though is a 10% increase in your daily chips.

Bingo Team: When using via Facebook, you can form a team, which comprises of you Facebook friends that also enjoy the game as you can invite them to play along and be a part of your team. You will notice a list of friends and their experience level, and you can make them a part of your team accordingly. This feature helps in socializing while playing the game and hence enjoying it more.

This team of your will aid you in finishing challenges and win bonus chips in rewards daily.

How to get Free Chips Generator Download:

That is it for the features of the game; you maybe can see now that it can be a very fun game. But all these fun games can be very addicting, so much so that even with all the daily rewards in the forms of chips. And everything you earn during a game like gems you can still find yourself running out of all these resources over time because of your frequent usage of the game.

If you do find yourself in situations where you still want to go further in the game then do not worry there is a particular tool that can help you in this regard, our tool can get you unlimited bingo bash resources. All you have to do is first enter your username, Bingo bash kostenlos chips id or Facebook id and then you can enter the amount of coins, chips or Power plays you are in need of, our tool will generate these for you.

One thing is that you can generate a certain amount per day. But don’t worry as the amount is so high that won’t ever see yourself needing an amount that exceeds it.

So enjoy playing this great game, we hope you have fun with the game and this tool. Join us and get as many chips as your heart desires.